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Agile Development
All of Laurel Hill's software products and Custom Development projects follow Agile Practices helping to deliver more stable and responsive applications.
"We liked the fact that GeoData Sentry could quickly and easily test our entire database for errors. Sentry gave us a level of confidence in the data that was being supplied by our migration vendor. We are looking forward to using Sentry going forward in our other project migrations and with our database maintenance."
Larry Gunderson
GIS Manager
City of Naperville Illinois

Laurel Hill GIS provides a quality assurance product suite, custom ArcGIS application development, and services for data acceptance, data maintenance and data migration.

Laurel Hill GIS has been an ESRI Authorized Developer since 2000. Our application development team offers focused business solutions including application extensions, geoprossessing tools, models and scripts, custom reporting, mapping and analysis. Our team also specializes in migrating your legacy applications from ArcView 3x and ArcGIS 8x and 9x to the latest version of ArcGIS.

GeoData Product Suite

GeoData Sentry™ 3.3

GeoData Sentry™ is an automated Quality Control/Quality Assurance application for ESRI© ArcGIS™ geodatabases. GeoData Sentry helps to detect and report errors related to attribute validity, referential integrity, spatial relationships and logical connectivity. Sentry 3.2 offers integration with GeoData Random Sampler for visual inspection of errors and Command Line execution for scheduled validation.

GeoData Random Sampler™ 1.3

GeoData Random Sampler™ is a lightweight ArcMap extension that allows users to install and start analyzing samples within minutes.

GeoData Random Sampler™ allows analysts to sample data using statistical (based on MIL-STD-105E/ ANSI ASQ Z1.4-2003), percentage, absolute value and where clause sample methods.

GeoData Diagnostics™ 1.2

GeoData Diagnostics™ is an essential tool for geodatabase configuration management. There are an overwhelming number of properties in a geodatabase, and trying to find minor differences is time consuming. GeoData Diagnostics™ is the solution!